TCSG “The Campaign Solutions Group,” established in 1995, owns and operates two brick and mortar call centers, providing Voter-Contact and Polling Data Collection services. Headquartered in San Diego with an office in Tallahassee our capacity exceeds 5,000 live-agent calling hours per day.

All agents are full-time employees working under constant supervision. Our highly trained seasoned staff is unparalleled in the industry, providing consistent conversational voter-contact and precise polling data collection.

TCSG is the industry leader. Fast onboarding, 24/7-account management, exacting quality control, and daily reports/shipments have resulted in 100% client retention.


Since 1995 TCSG has made millions of voter-contact phone calls for GOP campaigns and collected millions of data-points for GOP pollsters. Our high level service is exceptional. Our experience is unequalled.